4th Annual Rail Cyber Security Summit
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Joseph Mager

Information Security Officer
Joseph has a passion for information security. This passion has had a considerable influence on important decisions during his academic and professional career. As a student he followed courses in this field and selected a related topic for his Master Thesis. After having worked in other IT areas, he decided in 2001 to join the security practice of Siemens to obtain consulting skills and technical expertise in information security. During this time he also completed a postgraduate study to learn more on the managerial aspects of information security. In 2011 he decided to become a Security Officer to have a complete oversight on all aspects of this fascinating topic and joined NS. At NS he defined the NS security roadmap, set-up an implementation program for realizing the roadmap and influenced major outsourcing projects to include security. Furthermore, he set-up the Information Risk Management group at NS. After this group was formed, he became Information Security Officer of a business unit. He is also acting as Privacy Officer for the same business unit.

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